PREFERRED Therapy Providers understands the full scope of administrative duties performed by our network providers and their office staff.  We therefore partner with organizations to help YOU to perform these tasks more efficiently, so you can get back to the business of improving the health of your patients instead of being buried under piles of paperwork.  With that said, PREFERRED would like to share that we have committed to streamlining the credentialing and recredentialing process for our providers by partnering with CAQH.

We compiled the most frequently asked questions below.

What is CAQH? 

CAQH ProView® is a trusted source and the industry standard for self-reported provider data, used by more than 1.6 million health care providers nationwide. CAQH ProView® continues to be the premier credentialing tool. 

What is the cost for providers to use CAQH ProView®?

There is no charge to the provider for enrolling and/or updating their information in CAQH ProView®. 

Will the initial credentialing fee still apply once CAQH ProView® becomes live?

Yes.  The initial credentialing fee will remain in effect. PREFERRED is required, by the health plans/payors, to verify an individual provider’s reported credentials and qualifications.  During primary source verification PREFERRED confirms that an individual possesses a valid license, certification, medical school diplomas; education, work history, specialty training; continuous monitoring of any disciplinary action or sanctions; medical malpractice payments and any other credential as required by law, regulation or health plan policy. 

Why did PREFERRED choose to work with CAQH ProView®?

CAQH is a proven solution for simplifying administrative burdens providers experience during credentialing and recredentialing. The easy-to-use online data collection and application process means less paperwork. Plus, it uses built-in auditing tools to help increase efficiency and maintain data security and integrity for our valued providers. This saves you time and precious work-hours. 

Will PREFERRED require providers to use CAQH ProView®?

Yes.  All providers credentialing or re-credentialing should use this method once the system goes live .  The primary goal of utilizing CAQH is to simplify the administrative process with a robust and streamlined data system.  However, if there are reasons your provider/office cannot utilize CAQH ProView®, you should discuss with one of our Credentialing Associates. 

How can I sign up for CAQH ProView®?  

Visit CAQH ProView to register and learn more.  

What if I have additional questions?

You will continue to receive updates as PREFERRED completes each phase of the transition over to partnering with CAQH.  If you have immediate questions, please send your questions via email to our credentialing department at